Meeting schedule

Meeting schedule
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The Spatial Biology Association meets during the second week of every month on wednesday at 2pm (EST)

Date/Time (in EST) Speaker Talk Title Recording
Nov 9 2021 (2pm) Dr. Bernd Bodenmiller (University of Zurich) Highly multiplexed imaging of in situ tumor ecosystems towards precision medicine LINK
Dec 8 2021 (2pm) Dr. Jeffrey R. Moffitt (Harvard University) Imaging the Transcriptome - Creating Tissue Atlases with MERFISH Not Recorded
Jan 12 2022 (2pm) Dr. Michael Snyder (Stanford Univesity) Spatial Mapping the Human Intestine LINK
Mar 9 2022 (2pm) Dr. Fei Chen (Broad Institute, Harvard University) Tissue genomics: genomic measurements in context LINK
Apr 13 2022 (2pm) Dr. Ed Boyden (MIT) Tools for Analyzing and Controlling Biological Systems LINK
May 11 2022 (2pm) Dr. Emma Lundberg (Stanford Univesity) Mapping the Spatiotemporal Proteome Architecture of Human Cells LINK
June 15 2022 (2pm) Members Discussion on spatial technologies LINK
July 13 2022 (2pm) Dr. Rong Fan (Yale University) Spatial Omics Driving the Next Wave of Biomedical Research Revolution LINK
August 10 2022 (2pm) Members Discussion on spatial technologies  
September 7 2022 (2pm) Dr. Joakim Lundeberg (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) Spatially resolved methodology to capture cancer clones and early events in benign tissue  
October 12 2022 (2pm) TBD TBD  
November 9 2022 (2pm) TBD TBD  
December 14 2022 (2pm) TBD TBD