Organizing committee

Ajit Nirmal

Cancer Geneticist @harvard

Clarence Yapp

Director of Microscopy and Image Analysis at the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology (LSP).

Maren Pein

Postdoctoral Researcher at UC Irvine with expertise in breast cancer, microenvironment and metastasis.

Sandhya Prabhakaran

Applied Research Scientist with Dr. Alexander Anderson at the Integrated Mathematical Oncology Department, Moffitt Cancer Centre.

Charley Xi

Grad student at Molecular and Translational Medicine- faculty mentor Sarah Mazzilli, Jennifer Beane

Angela Kruse

Postdoctoral Fellow at Vanderbilt University. Interested in insect disease vectors, proteomics, imaging mass spectrometry.

Robert Krueger

Postdoctoral Research Scientist for biomedical visualization and visual analytics at Visual Computing Group (VCG) and Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology (LSP) @Harvard.